How to Get Free Artix Points

How to Get Free Artix Points

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How would you like to get free Artix Points?

Would you like to get Artix Points which can in turn be used for upgrades in Adventure Quest, Dragon Fable, Adventure Quest Worlds, Epicduel, Herosmash, Mech Quest, or any other Artix Entertainment game that will make your friends jealous? Get your free Artix Points now to reap the benefits of becoming an upgraded gamer by providing opinions to various internet companies that value user feedback.

What are Artix Points?

Artix Points is the new name for BattleOn Game Points.  They can be used for any Artix Entertainment game for upgrades, memberships, special items and even other in-game currencies. They can be found at the Battleon Portal. The Battleon Portal is an Artix Entertainment (AE) site that allows users to conveniently upgrade any or multiple AE games without having to go to each individual game site. For example, if I wanted to get a membership in AQWorlds and then some Z-Tokens on AQ, I could get a 4000 Artix Points package which could be split up to get a membership worth one month on AQWorlds (2000 points) and the current 2500 Z-Token package that comes with the new Hydro Blaze Shield (also 2000 points) with the aid of a few clicks on the same site.

Get Free Artix Points in 3 Simple Steps

How does this all work?

Prizerebel, the site that you just signed-up for, is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that awards users with any prize of their choice (in this case, Artix Points) for completing menial tasks that serve to provide opinions for different companies featured on Prizerebel.

For example:

  •  A company (Big Point) wants more gamers on their newest game.
  •  That company contacts various GPT's (Prizerebel) to attract attention from potential gamers.
  •  Prizerebel gives members the task of completing an offer for the company (Big Point)
  •  Upon a valid completion of the task at hand, Big Point will pay Prizerebel a certain amount of money
  •   Prizerebel will then give you most of that money because you completed the offer

Why should you sign-up?

Prizerebel is probably the easiest way to get free Artix Points legally since Prizerebel purchases all the prizes that are awarded to members. Below is a picture of my current earnings and a short list of the prizes that I have gotten from Prizerebel. If you're still skeptical, click here to see a complete list of prizes that I have gotten so far in addition to testimonials from other users.